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Localizations by TABULA

A free sample translation (2,000 characters) is our way of proving that we mean what we declare. We are constantly improving to build a mutually beneficial long-term relationship with you. This is why 9 out of 10 our clients keep returning to us.

Ensuring high quality of localization

  • Compilation of unified glossaries
  • Adaptation of content for the target market
  • Professional translation by native speakers
  • Localization of graphics
  • Free trial translation
    (2,000 characters)
  • Compilation of
    unified glossaries
  • Localization of
  • Involvement of native speakers
  • Under-the-hood
  • Adaptation of content for the target market

What makes localization different from translation

  • Only native speakers of the target language are involved in localization.
  • The text in the target language is written to minimize its impact on website design.
  • Alphabetic ordering, date formats, units of measure, place names, and the like are all adapted to the norms of the target language.
  • The translated text takes into account all cultural specifics of the target market (e.g., holidays, mentality).

How we handle localization projects

You order a quote for your localization. Having clarified all the details, we quote the price.
We do a trial translation for you. You approve the glossary, provide any supplementary materials you have, and pay 50% of the contract price upfront.
We start working on the project, clarifying with you all the details related to the adaptation of the text to the realities of the target market.
We hand over the localized materials in the format of your choice. You pay the rest of the contract price.

Important stages of localization

  • Compilation, approval, and finalization of glossary for unified terminology across the website.
  • Matching of information delivery style. Depending on the product, field, and target audience, there's a different style for information delivery (informal, official, scientific, etc.). Also, for different styles, appropriate forms of address are chosen (e.g., for localization into Russian/Ukrainian, sometimes a formal "you" is required, which is often capitalized). Most often, it is a trial translation that helps decide on this one.
  • Deciding on the amount of text that needs to be localized. Alongside text, websites often feature videos, files like manuals and presentations, as well as graphics that include slogans, marketing copy, etc.
  • Deciding on the delivery format. For localizations into logographic languages, deploying localization on your own may be difficult. In cases like these, you can give our translator access to your CMS, where they will post all the required information under your direct supervision.

Why choose us

  • 1

    We do trial translations free of charge.

  • 2

    We compile glossaries and discuss them with our clients.

  • 3

    We have translators familiar with your domain.

  • 4

    We involve native speakers in our localization projects.

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